Space is the
breath of art

Frank Lloyd Wright

We believe that the interiors that we live in have a big impact on how we feel every day. Our main course in design is comfortability and functionality, then beauty.

About Us

We create our projects on individual analysis, based on clients needs and expectations. We love simplicity and timeless solutions.

We are designing all kinds of interiors, starting with private spaces as well as public spaces and also graphic design connected to it. We already did types of interiors as: apartments, houses, restaurants, coffee shops, office spaces, retirement home, hairdresser salon, cosmetic salon etc.

Mainly we design spaces in Poland (South of Poland) but we can also work on Your project On-line worldwide.

More details about our offer you can find here.

Anna Waluś – interior designer


She graduated with honors study at Silesia University with a major in Interior Architecture and Graphic Design. Before starting Anava Studio she worked at several Interior Design Offices in Poland. She manages interior and graphic design.


Private: doogie mom & enduro girl

Baho – assistant


Extreme tester of material endurance, defiant guardian of coffee breaks, irreplaceable cheerleader and pleasing time maker.


Private: foodie & explorator

It is better to start working on a project as soon as possible

504 540 971

The time needed to start a project is 8-16 weeks.
Duration of a project depends on: size of space, an amount of details, time needed for acceptance ect. Minimum amount of needed time is 10 weeks.

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